Pastor Sarita Timmons

Pastor Sarita Timmons has been a faithful member of Hope Community Church Ministries for 15 years and was recently appointed pastor in 2018. She believes in the power of evangelism and seeks opportunities to share the message of the redeeming love of Christ through the gospel. Pastor Timmons is the lead pastor over Outreach and Evangelism, New Members, and the Sunday School Department.

She has been gifted with grace to work with the elderly and mentally challenged, specifically those dealing with neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson disease and Autism. Her compassionate heart inspired her to start, “In Good Hands Home Healthcare”, a non-medical assistance service that provides affordable care to the elderly.

Pastor Timmons is currently enrolled in Huntsville Bible College pursuing a degree in Pastoral studies. She is the daughter of Joe and Betty Timmons, and the youngest of their six children. Pastor Timmons enjoys spending time at family outing, traveling and serving the various ministries that have been entrusted to her. She loves fried chicken and Real Red Velvet Cake!

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